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DECREASES: Cholesterol,SES insulin requirement in people with diabetes, frequency of asthma attacks, coronary artery stenoses*, chronic pain symptoms, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen consumption, lactic acid production, panic, anxiety, depression.

IMPROVES:  Levels of physical fitness, exercise tolerance in COPD, body image, cardiac output, blood glucose levels, thyroid function, chest expansion, and functional mobility.



It is when our natural state becomes out of balance that we feel dis-ease in the mind and body. Our current state of balance is known as Vikriti. It is translated as “changed condition in consciousness.” The goal of ayurveda is to bring us as close to our “natural state”, prakruti as possible. This can be done through rejuvenation therapies, called Rasayana, restoring the maximum potential of the body or through Shamana and Shodana practices, rejuvenating and internal cleansing practices, done at least once per year or seasonally to keep you at your optimal health over your lifetime.

Sattva Vinyasa® Online with Dani McGuire

Enjoy Sattva Vinyasa® Online with Dani McGuire, (Vani) in the comfort of your own home sanctuary.

Vani offers a multi-dimensional approach to teaching yoga for balancing mind and body by harmonizing the nervous system. Hatha Yoga is the traditional practice of yoga postures from the roots of tantra to balance the solar and lunar aspects of our nature for optimal flow of energy, vitality, and bodymind health...
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