Engaging Couples Therapy: Is it time, does it work, are we ready?

August 9, 2016

Most folks think about couples counseling as being a last ditch effort required to save a failing relationship. That’s not the only time or the best time to seek counseling. There is a range of circumstances where working with a therapist can be beneficial. For example, it can help transitions like moving, a new baby, or blending a stepfamily. Therapy also can help strengthen ties when one or both are suffering a loss, like a cancer diagnosis or death of a loved one.


If you are considering couples counseling at the critical point where the relationship is in danger of breaking apart, you and your partner may have a few questions, the most important being, “Does it work?” Though the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy says that couples counseling positively impacts seven out of 10 couples, there are reasons why couples counseling can’t work, foremost that it’s started too late. John Gottman, noted relationship researcher, says that couples wait an average of six years after problems start to seek help. If you wait until there’s a sense of hopel