There are many different ways of understanding human behavior and development.  We believe in a holistic, positive explanation and understanding of behavior.  We appreciate each person as a unique and creative individual.  A disease model uses diagnoses to explain symptoms.  We do not believe symptoms are the explanation, but rather non- conscious clues to core problems that together we can identify & change.  We believe in the power of the mind body connection and work closely with others on our team that might be involved in your care as well as other health care providers to help our clients facilitate growth through a solution focused approach and a collaborative relationship.   We believe that we are all ultimately capable of leading a genuine and meaningful life.


Using scientific findings based on the latest research findings we understand symptoms differently.  We guide you to understand the root cause or underlying cause of symptoms for long lasting sustainable change.  When we focus only on our symptoms we engage in a circular, surface level approach to change which often only leads to a momentary relief of symptoms.  We believe that we are all social beings with a strong desire to connect to others.  We believe that every person's primary goal is to find meaning and a sense of belonging in his or her relationships.  We seek to create long lasting change by helping each individual to reach their maximum potential through helping individuals not only to understand the mind and body connection but also to find peace within ones emotional and physical self.  Our goal at the end of therapy is that each individual will be empowered to live authentically.


We believe that you are the expert on yourself.  We believe that every person holds within his or herself the answers to life's problems.  Our goal is to develop a mutually respectful and collaborative relationship as we assist each person in seeking those answers within them.




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